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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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36 The Princess and the Goblin
great big grandmother? won't you?" said the princess, as she laid her down again.
" And you won't say I'm ugly, any more—will you, princess?"
" Nursie, I never said you were ugly. What can you mean?"
"Well, if you didn't say it, you meant it."
" Indeed, I never did."
" You said I wasn't so pretty as that------"
" As my beautiful grandmother—yes, I did say that; and I say it again, for it's quite true."
" Then I do think you are unkind!" said the nurse, and put her handkerchief to her eyes again.
" Nursie, dear, everybody can't be as beautiful as every other body, you know. You are very nice-looking, but if you had been as beautiful as my grandmother------"
" Bother your grandmother!" said the nurse.
" Nurse, that's very rude. You are not fit to be spoken to—till you can behave better."
The princess turned away once more, and again the nurse was ashamed of herself.
" I'm sure I beg your pardon, princess," she said, though still in an offended tone. But the
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