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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Little Miner                  47
paid no more heed to anything she said, only ran on.
1 * Look, look, Lootie! Don't you see that funny man peeping over the rock?"
Lootie only ran the faster. They had to pass the rock, and when they came nearer, the prin­cess saw it was only a lump of the rock itself that she had taken for a man.
" Look, look, Lootie! There's such a curious creature at the foot of that old tree. Look at it, Lootie! It's making faces at us, I do think."
Lootie gave a stifled cry, and ran faster still— so fast, that Irene's little legs could not keep up with her, and she fell with a clash. It was a hard downhill road, and she had been running very fast—so it was no wonder she began to cry. This put the nurse nearly beside herself; but all she could do was to run on, the moment she got the princess on her feet again.
" Who's that laughing at me?" said the prin­cess, trying to keep in her sobs, and running too fast for her grazed knees.
"Nobody, child," said the nurse, almost angrily.
But that instant there came a burst of coarse
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