The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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5o The Princess and the Goblin
Hit and turn and bore!
Whizz and puff and roar!
Thus we rive the rocks,
Force the goblin locks.—
See the shining- ore!
One, two, three—
Bright as gold can be!
Four, five, six—
Shovels, mattocks, picks!
Seven, eight, nine—
Light your lamp at mine.
Ten, eleven, twelve—
Loosely hold the helve.
We 're the merry miner-boys,
Make the goblins hold their noise."
" I wish you would hold your noise," said the nurse rudely, for the very word goblin at such a time and in such a place made her tremble. It would bring the goblins upon them to a cer­tainty, she thought, to defy them in that way. But whether the boy heard her or not, he did not stop his singing.
" Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen— This is worth the siftin'; Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen— There 's the match, and lay 't in. Nineteen, twenty— Goblins in a plenty."
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