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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Little Miner                  53
one sings it, they stand grinning at him awfully; and if he gets frightened, and misses a word, or says a wrong one, they—oh! don't they give it him!"
" What do they do to him?" asked Irene, with a trembling voice.
" Don't go frightening the princess," said the nurse.
"The princess!" repeated the little miner, taking off his curious cap. " I beg your par­don; but you oughtn't to be out so late. Everybody knows that's against the law."
"Yes, indeed it is!" said the nurse, beginning to cry again. "And I shall have to suffer for it."
"What does that matter?" said the boy. "It must be your fault. It is the princess who will suffer for it. I hope they didn't hear you call her the princess. If they did, they're sure to know her again: they're awfully sharp."
"Lootie! Lootie!" cried the princess. "Take me home."
"Don't go on like that," said the nurse to the boy, almost fiercely. " How could I help it? I lost my way."
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