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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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54 The Princess and the Goblin
"You shouldn't have been out so late. You wouldn't have lost your way if you hadn't been frightened," said the boy. " Come along. I'll soon set you right again. Shall I carry your little highness?"
" Impertinence!" murmured the nurse, but she did not say it aloud, for she thought if she made him angry, he might take his revenge by telling someone belonging to the house, and then it would be sure to come to the king's ears.
44 No, thank you," said Irene. " I can walk very well, though I can't run so fast as nursie. If you will give me one hand, Lootie will give me another, and then I shall get on famously."
They soon had her between them, holding a hand of each.
" Now let's run," said the nurse.
"No, no," said the little miner. "That's the worst thing you can do. If you hadn't run be­fore, you would not have lost your way. And if you run now, they will be after you in a moment."
" I don't want to run," said Irene.
"You don't think of me," said the nurse.
"Yes, I do, Lootie. The boy says they won't touch us if we don't run "
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