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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Little Miner                  55
"Yes, but if they know at the house that I've kept you out so late, I shall be turned away, and that would break my heart."
"Turned away, Lootie! Who would turn you away r
"Your papa, child."
"But I'll tell him it was all my fault. And you know it was, Lootie."
" He won't mind that. I'm sure he won't."
"Then I'll cry, and go down on my knees to him, and beg him not to take away my own dear Lootie."
The nurse was comforted at hearing this, and said no more. They wrent on, walking pretty fast, but taking care not to run a step.
" I want to talk to you," said Irene to the little miner; "but it's so awkward! I don't know your name."
" My name's Curdie, little princess."
" What a funny name! Curdie! What more?"
" Curdie Peterson. What's your name, please?" 4 Irene."
"What more?"
"I don't know what more.—What more is my name, Lootie?"
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