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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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56 The Princess and the Goblin
" Princesses haven't got more than one name. They don't want it."
" Oh then, Curdie, you must call me just Irene and no more."
" No, indeed," said the nurse indignantly. "He shall do no such thing."
" What shall he call me, then, Lootie?"
"Your royal Highness."
" My royal Highness! What's that? No, no, Lootie. I won't be called names. I don't like them. You told me once yourself it's only rude children that call names; and I'm sure Curdie wouldn't be rude.óCurdie, my name's Irene."
"Well, Irene," said Curdie, with a glance at the nurse which showed he enjoyed teasing her, "it is very kind of you to let me call you any≠thing. I like your name very much."
He expected the nurse to interfere again; but he soon saw that she was too frightened to speak. She was staring at something a few yards before them, in the middle of the path, where it nar≠rowed between rocks so that only one could pass at a time.
"It is very much kinder of you to go out of your way to take us home," said Irene.
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