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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Little Miner                  57
"I'm not going out of my way yet," said Curdie. " It's on the other side of those rocks the path turns off to my father's."
"You wouldn't think of leaving us till we're safe home, I'm sure," gasped the nurse.
u Of course not," said Curdie.
"You dear, good, kind Curdie! I'll give you a kiss when we get home," said the princess.
The nurse gave her a great pull by the hand she held. But at that instant the something in the middle of the way, which had looked like a great lump of earth brought down by the rain, began to move. One after another it shot out four long things, like two arms and two legs, but it was now too dark to tell what they were. The nurse began to tremble from head to foot. Irene clasped Curdie's hand yet faster, and Curdie began to sing again.
44 One, two— Hit and hew! Three, four— Blast and bore! Five, six— There 's a fix! Seven, eight, Hold it straight.
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