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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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58 The Princess and the Goblin
Nine, ten—
Hit again!
Hurry! scurry!
Bother! smother!
There 's a toad
In the road!
Smash it!
Squash it!
Fry it!
Dry it!
You 're another!
Up and off!
There's enough!—Huuuuh!"
As he uttered the last words, Curdie let go his hold of his companion, and rushed at the thing in the road, as if he would trample it under his feet. It gave a great spring, and ran straight up one of the rocks like a huge spider. Curdie turned back laughing, and took Irene's hand again. She grasped his very tight, but said nothing till they had passed the rocks. A few yards more and she found herself on a part of the road she knew, and was able to speak again.
" Do you know, Curdie, I don't quite like your song: it sounds to me rather rude," she said.
"Well, perhaps it is," answered Curdie. "I
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