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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Little Miner                  59
never thought of that; it's a way we have. We do it because they don't like it."
" Who don't like it?"
" The cobs, as we call them."
tl Don't!" said the nurse.
"Why not?" said Curdie.
" I beg you won't. Please don't."
i'Oh! if you ask me that way, of course I won't; though I don't a bit know why.óLook! there are the lights of your great house down below. You'll be at home in five minutes now."
Nothing more happened. They reached home in safety. Nobody had missed them, or even known they had gone out; and they arrived at the door belonging to their part of the house without anyone seeing them. The nurse was rushing in with a hurried and not over-gracious good night to Curdie; but the princess pulled her hand from hers, and was just throwing her arms round Curdie's neck, when she caught her again and dragged her away.
"Lootie! Lootie! I promised Curdie a kiss," cried Irene.
" A princess mustn't give kisses. It's not at all proper," said Lootie.
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