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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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62 The Princess and the Goblin
Curdie, and turned and was out of sight in a moment.
"I should like to see him!" muttered the nurse, as she carried the princess to the nur­sery.
"You will see him," said Irene. " You may be sure Curdie will keep his word. He's sure to come again."
"I should like to see him!" repeated the nurse, and said no more. She did not want to open a new cause of strife with the princess by saying more plainly what she meant. Glad enough that she had succeeded both in getting home unseen, and in keeping the princess from kissing the miner's boy, she resolved to watch her far better in future. Her carelessness had already doubled the danger she was in. For­merly the goblins were her only fear: now she had to protect her charge from Curdie as well.
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