The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Goblins                       73
"Yes, but a good bit farther on than he has got to yet. If he had struck a stroke more to the side just here," said the goblin, tapping the very stone, as it seemed to Curdie, against which his head lay, " he would have been through; but he's a couple of yards past it now, and if he follow the lode it will be a week before it leads him in. You see it back there —a long way. Still, perhaps, in case of acci­dent, it would be as well to be getting out of this. Heifer, you'll take the great chest. That's your business, you know."
" Yes, dad," said a third voice. " But you must help me to get it on my back. It's awfully heavy, you know."
"Well, it isn't just a bag of smoke, I admit. But you're as strong as a mountain, Heifer."
"You say so, dad. I think myself I'm all right. But I could carry ten times as much if it wasn't for my feet."
"That is your weak point, I confess, my boy."
"Ain't it yours too, father?"
"Well, to be honest, it is a goblin-weakness. Why they come so soft, I declare I haven't an idea."
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