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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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82 The Princess and the Goblin
Curdie blew out his light, lest it should shine through.
" It must be that one miner that stayed behind the rest," said the mother.
" No; he's been gone a good while. I haven't heard a blow for an hour. Besides, it wasn't like that."
" Then I suppose it must have been a stone carried down the brook inside."
" Perhaps. It will have more room by and by."
Curdie kept quite still. After a little while, hearing nothing but the sounds of their prepara­tions for departure, mingled with an occasional word of direction, and anxious to know whether the removal of the stone had made an opening into the goblins' house, he put in his hand to feel. It went in a good way, and then came in contact with something soft. He had but a moment to feel it over, it was so quickly with­drawn: it was one of the toeless goblin-feet. The owner of it gave a cry of fright.
" What's the matter, Heifer?" asked his mother.
" A beast came out of the wall and licked my foot."
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