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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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34 The Princess and the Goblin
your backs. Here, Heifer, I'll help you up with your chest."
" I wish it was my chest, father."
" Your turn will come in good time enough! Make haste. I must go to the meeting at the palace to-night. When that's over, we can come back and clear out the last of the things before our enemies return in the morning. Now light your torches, and come along. What a dis­tinction it is to provide our own light, instead of being dependent on a thing hung up in the air—a most disagreeable contrivance—intended no doubt to blind us when we venture out undei its baleful influence! Quite glaring and vulgar, I call it, though no doubt useful to poor creatures who haven't the wit to make light for themselves!"
Curdie could hardly keep himself from calling through to know whether they made the fire to light their torches by. But a moment's reflection showed him that they would have said they did, inasmuch as they struck two stones together, and the fire came.
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