The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Hall of the Goblin Palace 87
Heifer now and then, in the flickering light and shade, with his heavy chest on his bending shoul­ders; while the second brother was almost buried in what looked like a great feather bed. " Where do they get the feathers?" thought Curdie; but in a moment the troop disappeared at a turn of the way, and it was now both safe and neces­sary for Curdie to follow them, lest they should be round the next turning before he saw them again, for so he might lose them altogether. He darted after them like a greyhound. When he reached the corner and looked cautiously round, he saw them again at some distance down another long passage. None of the galleries he saw that night bore signs of the work of man—or of goblin either. Stalactites far older than the mines, hung from their roofs; and their floors were rough with boulders and large round stones, showing that there water must have once run. He waited again at this corner till they had disappeared round the next, and so followed them a long way through one passage after another. The passages grew more and more lofty, and were more and more covered in the roof with shining stalactites.
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