The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Hall of the Goblin Palace 91
for some time together working in the strong head of his majesty for the deliverance of his people. Regardless of the fact that we were the first possessors of the regions they now in­habit, regardless equally of the fact that we abandoned that region from the loftiest motives; regardless also of the self-evident fact that we excel them so far in mental ability as they excel us in stature, they look upon us as a degraded race, and make a mockery of all our finer feelings. But the time has almost arrived when—thanks to his majesty's inventive genius—it will be in our power to take a thorough revenge upon them once for all, in respect of their unfriendly be­haviour."
" May it please your majesty—" cried a voice close by the door, which Curdie recognized as that of the goblin he had followed.
" Who is he that interrupts the Chancellor?" cried another from near the throne.
"dump," answered several voices.
" He is our trusty subject," said the king him­self, in a slow and stately voice: " let him come forward and speak."
A lane was parted through the crowd, and
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