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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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92 The Princess and the Goblin
Glump having ascended the platform and bowed to the king, spoke as follows:—
"Sire, I would have held my peace, had I not known that I only knew how near was the moment to which the Chancellor had just re­ferred. In all probability, before another day is past, the enemy will have broken through into my house—the partition between being even now not more than a foot in thickness."
"Not quite so much," thought Curdie to himself.
"This very evening I have had to remove my household effects; therefore the sooner we are ready to carry out the plan, for the execution of which his majesty has been making such magnificent preparations, the better. I may just add, that within the last few days I have perceived a small outbreak in my dining-room, which, combined with observations upon the course of the river escaping where the evil men enter, has convinced me that close to the spot must lie a deep gulf in its channel. This dis­covery will, I trust, add considerably to the otherwise immense forces at his majesty's dis­posal."
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