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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Hall of the Goblin Palace 93
He ceased, and the king graciously acknow­ledged his speech with a bend of his head; where­upon, Glump, after a bow to his majesty, slid down amongst the rest of the undistinguished multitude. Then the Chancellor rose and re­sumed.
" The information which the worthy Glump has given us," he said, " might have been of considerable import at the present moment, but for that other design already referred to, which naturally takes precedence. His majesty, un­willing to proceed to extremities, and well aware that such measures sooner or later result in violent reactions, has excogitated a more fundamental and comprehensive measure, of which I need say no more. Should his majesty be successful—as who dares to doubt?—then a peace, all to the advantage of the goblin kingdom, will be established for a generation at least, rendered absolutely secure by the pledge which his royal highness the prince will have and hold for the good behaviour of her relatives. Should his majesty fail—which who shall dare even to imagine in his most secret thoughts?—then will be the time for
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