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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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98 The Princess and the Goblin
would be buttressed by the sides of the moun­tain itself.
As soon as he found that the goblins had again retired, he lighted his lamp, and proceeded to fill the hole he had made, with such stones as he could withdraw when he pleased. He then thought it better, as he might have occasion to be up a good many nights after this, to go home and have some sleep.
How pleasant the night air felt upon the out­side of the mountain after what he had gone through in the inside of it! He hurried up the hill, without meeting a single goblin on the way, and called and tapped at the window until he woke his father, who soon rose and let him in. He told him the whole story, and, just as he had expected, his father thought it best to work that lode no farther, but at the same time to pretend occasionally to be at work there still, in order that the goblins might have no sus­picions. Both father and son went then to bed, and slept soundly until the morning.
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