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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Princess's King-Papa 101
of shining armour. In a few moments a little troop came glittering round the shoulder of a hill. Spears and helmets were sparkling and gleaming, banners were flying, horses prancing, and again came the bugle-blast, which was to her like the voice of her father calling across the distance, " Irene, I'm coming". On and on they came, until she could clearly distinguish the king. He rode a white horse, and was taller than any of the men with him. He wore a nar­row circle of gold set with jewels around his helmet, and as he came still nearer, Irene could discern the flashing of the stones in the sun. It was a long time since he had been to see her, and her little heart beat faster and faster as the shining troop approached, for she loved her king-papa very dearly, and was nowhere so happy as in his arms. When they reached a certain point, after which she could see them no more from the garden, she ran to the gate, and there stood till up they came clanging and stamping, with one more bright bugle-blast which said " Irene, I am come ".
By this time the people of the house were all gathered at the gate, but Irene stood alone in
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