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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Princess's King-Papa 103
silvery lines, flowed from his mouth almost to his waist, and as Irene sat on the saddle and hid her glad face upon his bosom, it mingled with the golden hair which her mother had given her, and the two together were like a cloud with streaks of the sun woven through it. After he had held her to his heart for a minute, he spoke to his white horse, and the great beautiful creature, which had been prancing so proudly a little while before, walked as gently as a lady—for he knew he had a little lady on his back—through the gate and up to the door of the house. Then the king set her on the ground, and dismounting, took her hand and walked with her into the great hall, which was hardly ever entered except when he came to see his little princess. There he sat down with two of his councillors who had accompanied him, to have some refreshment, and Irene sat on his right hand, and drank her milk out of a wooden bowl, curiously carved.
After the king had eaten and drunk, he turned to the princess and said, stroking her hair— " Now, my child, what shall we do next?" This was the question he almost always put
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