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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Old Lady's Bedroom 113
looking behind as she went, to see the shadow they made in the middle of the silver. Some little girls would have been afraid to find them­selves thus alone in the middle of the night, but Irene was a princess.
As she went slowly up the stair, not quite sure that she was not dreaming, suddenly a great longing woke up in her heart to try once more whether she could not find the old lady with the silvery hair.
" If she is a dream," she said to herself, " then I am the likelier to find her, if I am dreaming."
So up and up she went, stair after stair, until she came to the many rooms—all just as she had seen them before. Through passage after passage she softly sped, comforting herself that if she should lose her way it would not matter much, because when she woke she would find herself in her own bed, with Lootie not far off. But as if she had known every step of the way, she walked straight to the door at the foot of the narrow stair that led to the tower.
"What if I should realliality-really find my beautiful old grandmother up there!" she said to herself, as she crept up the steep steps.
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