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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Old Lady's Bedroom 121
"But it does not happen above five times in a hundred years that anyone does see it. The greater part of those who do, take it for a meteor, wink their eyes and forget it again. Besides, no­body could find the room except I pleased. Be­sides again—I will tell you a secret—if that light were to go out, you would fancy yourself lying in a bare garret, on a heap of old straw, and would not see one of the pleasant things round about you all the time."
" I hope it will never go out," said the princess.
" I hope not. But it is time we both went to sleep. Shall I take you in my arms?"
The little princess nestled close up to the old lady, who took her in both her arms, and held her close to her bosom.
" Oh dear! this is so nice!" said the princess. "I didn't know anything in the whole world could be so comfortable. I should like to lie here forever."
"You may if you will," said the old lady. u But I must put you to one trial—not a very hard one, I hope.—This night week you must come back to me. If you don't, I do not know when you may find me again, and you will soon want me very much
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