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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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152 The Princess and the Goblin
"There, Irene; there is my work for you!" she said, holding out the ball to the princess.
She took it in her hand, and looked at it all over. It sparkled a little, and shone here and shone there, but not much. It was of a sort of grey whiteness, something like spun glass.
" Is this all your spinning, grandmother?" she asked.
" All since you came to the house. There is more there than you think."
" How pretty it is! What am I to do with it, please?"
" That I will now explain to you," answered the lady, turning from her, and going to her cabinet.
She came back with a small ring in her hand. Then she took the ball from Irene's, and did something with the two—Irene could not tell what.
" Give me your hand," she said.
Irene held up her right hand.
" Yes, that is the hand I want," said the lady, and put the ring on the forefinger of it.
"What a beautiful ring!" said Irene. "What is the stone called?"
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