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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Woven and then Spun            153
u It is a fire-opal."
" Please, am I to keep it?"
1< Always."
" Oh, thank you, grandmother! It's prettier than anything I ever saw, except those—of all colours—in your-----Please, is that your crown?"
" Yes, it is my crown. The stone in your ring is of the same sort—only not so good. It has only red, but mine have all colours, you see.
" Yes, grandmother. I will take such care of it!—But------" she added, hesitating.
" But what?" asked her grandmother.
" What am I to say when Lootie asks me where I got it?"
"You will ask her where you got it," answered the lady smiling.
" I don't see how I can do that."
" You will though."
" Of course I will if you say so. But you know I can't pretend not to know."
" Of course not. But don't trouble yourself about it. You will see when the time comes."
So saying, the lady turned, and threw the little ball into the rose-fire.
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