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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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154 The Princess and the Goblin
"Oh, grandmother!" exclaimed Irene; "I thought you had spun it for me."
" So I did, my child. And you've got it."
"No; it's burnt in the fire!"
The lady put her hand in the fire, brought out the ball, glimmering as before, and held it to­wards her. Irene stretched out her hand to take it, but the lady turned, and going to her cabinet, opened a drawer, and laid the ball in it.
"Have I done anything to vex you, grand­mother?" said Irene pitifully.
" No, my darling. But you must understand that no one ever gives anything to another properly and really without keeping it. That ball is yours."
"Oh! I'm not to take it with me! You are going to keep it for me!"
"You are to take it with you. I've fastened the end of it to the ring on your finger."
Irene looked at the ring.
" I can't see it there, grandmother," she said.
" Feel—a little way from the ring—towards the cabinet," said the lady.
"Oh! I do feel it!" exclaimed the princess.
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