The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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T HE same moment her nurse came into the room, sobbing. When she saw her sit­ting there, she started back with a loud cry of amazement and joy. Then running to her, she caught her in her arms and covered her with kisses.
" My precious darling princess! where have you been? What has happened to you? We've all been crying our eyes out, and searching the house from top to bottom for you."
"Not quite from the top," thought Irene to herself; and she might have added—"not quite to the bottom," perhaps, if she had known all. But the one she would not, and the other she could not say.
"Oh, Lootie! I've had such a dreadful adven­ture!" she replied, and told her all about the cat with the long- legs, and how she ran out upon the
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