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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Spring-Time                      165
her about with him; but there were several reasons against his doing so, and I suspect her great - great - grandmother had had a principal hand in preventing it. Once more, Irene heard the bugle-blast, and once more she was at the gate to meet her father as he rode up on his great white horse.
After they had been alone for a little while, she thought of what she had resolved to ask him.
i' Please, king-papa," she said, "will you tell me where I got this pretty ring? I can't remember."
The king looked at it. A strange beautiful smile spread like sunshine over his face, and an answering smile, but at the same time a questioning one, spread like moonlight over Irene's.
"It was your queen-mamma's once," he said.
"And why isn't it hers now?" asked Irene.
"She does not want it now," said the king, looking grave.
"Why doesn't she want it now?"
"Because she's gone where all those rings are made."
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