The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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CHAPTER XIX Goblin Counsels
H E must have slept a long time, for when he awoke, he felt wonderfully restored— indeed almost well, and very hungry. There were voices in the outer cave.
Once more then, it was night; for the goblins slept during the day, and went about their affairs during the night.
In the universal and constant darkness of their dwelling, they had no reason to prefer the one arrangement to the other; but from aversion to the sun-people, they chose to be busy when there was least chance of their being met either by the miners below, when they were burrowing, or by the people of the mountain above, when they were feeding their sheep or catching their goats. And indeed it was only when the sun was away that the outside of the mountain was sufficiently like their own dismal regions to be endurable
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