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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Goblin Counsels                  187
"I was about to say," she resumed, "that it does seem a pity to waste so much fresh meat."
" What are you thinking of, my love?" said the king. "The very notion of starving him implies that we are not going to give him any meat, either salt or fresh."
"I'm not such a stupid as that comes to," returned her majesty. "What I mean is, that by the time he is starved, there will hardly be a picking upon his bones."
The king gave a great laugh.
"Well, my spouse, you may have him when you like," he said. " I don't fancy him for my part. I am pretty sure he is tough eating-."
"That would be to honour instead of punish his insolence," returned the queen. " But why should our poor creatures be deprived of so much nourishment? Our little dogs and cats and pigs and small bears would enjoy him very much."
"You are the best of housekeepers, my lovely queen!" said her husband. "Let it be so by all means. Let us have our people in, and get him out and kill him at once. He deserves it. The mischief he might have brought upon us, now
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