The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Goblin Counsels                  189
well. But we might even keep their great cows and other creatures, and then we should have a few more luxuries, such as cream and cheese, which at present we only taste occasionally, when our brave men have succeeded in carry­ing some off from their farms."
" It is worth thinking of," said the king; "and I don't know why you should be the first to sug­gest it, except that you have a positive genius for conquest. But still, as you say, there is some­thing very troublesome about them; and it would be better, as I understand you to suggest, that we should starve him for a day or two first, so that he may be a little less frisky when we take him out."
"Once there was a goblin Living- in a hole; Busy he was cobblin' A shoe without a sole.
" By came a birdie: 'Goblin, what do you do?' * Cobble at a sturdie Upper leather shoe.'
"'What's the good o' that, sir?1 Said the little bird, 1 Why it's very pat, sir— Plain without a word.
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