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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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190 The Princess and the Goblin
"* Where 'tis all a hole, sir, Never can be holes:
Why should their shoes have soles, sir, When they've got no souls?'"
" What's that horrible noise?" cried the queen, shuddering from pot-metal head to granite shoes.
"I declare," said the king with solemn indig­nation, " it's the sun-creature in the hole!"
" Stop that disgusting noise!" cried the crown-prince valiantly, getting up and standing in front of the heap of stones, with his face towards Curdie's prison.—"Do now, or I'll break your head."
"Break away," shouted Curdie, and began singing again—
''Once there was a goblin, Living in a hole—"
" I really cannot bear it," said the queen. " If I could only get at his horrid toes with my slip­pers again!"
"I think we had better go to bed," said the king.
" It's not time to go to bed," said the queen.
" I would if I was you," said Curdie.
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