The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Goblin Counsels                  191
" Impertinent wretch!" said the queen, with the utmost scorn in her voice.
" An impossible if" said his majesty with dignity.
" Quite," returned Curdie, and began singing
" Go to bed, Goblin, do. Help the queen Take off her shoe.
" If you do, It will disclose A horrid set Of sprouting toes."
" What a lie!" roared the queen in a rage.
" By the way, that reminds me," said the king, " that, for as long as we have been married, I have never seen your feet, queen. I think you might take off your shoes when you go to bed! They positively hurt me sometimes."
"I will do as I like," retorted the queen sulkily.
"You ought to do as your own hubby wishes you," said the king.
" I will not," said the queen.
4'Then I insist upon it," said the king.
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