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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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192 The Princess and the Goblin
Apparently his majesty approached the queen for the purpose of following the advice given by Curdie, for the latter heard a scuffle, and then a great roar from the king.
" Will you be quiet then?" said the queen wickedly.
" Yes, yes, queen. I only meant to coax you."
" Hands off!" cried the queen triumphantly.
1 I'm going to bed. You may come when you
like. But as long as I am queen, I will sleep
in my shoes. It is my royal privilege. Harelip,
go to bed."
" I'm going," said Harelip sleepily.
"So am I," said the king.
"Come along then," said the queen; "and mind you are good, or I'll------"
"Oh, no, no, no!" screamed the king, in the most supplicating of tones.
Curdie heard only a muttered reply in the dis­tance; and then the cave was quite still.
They had left the fire burning, and the light came through brighter than before. Curdie thought it was time to try again if anything could be done. But he found he could not get even a finger through the chink between
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