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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Escape                       207
"You can tell me all about it when we get out, then. There's no time to lose now," said Curdie.
And Irene went to work, as fresh as when she began.
" There's such a lot of stones!" she said. " It will take me a long time to get them all away."
" How far on have you got?" asked Curdie.
" I've got about the half away, but the other half is ever so much bigger.
"I don't think you will have to move the lower half. Do you see a slab laid up against the wall?"
Irene looked, and felt about with her hands, and soon perceived the outlines of the slab.
" Yes," she answered, " I do."
"Then, I think," rejoined Curdie, "when you have cleared the slab about halfway down, or a little more, I shall be able to push it over."
"I must follow my thread," returned Irene, "whatever I do."
"What do you mean?" exclaimed Curdie.
" You will see when you get out," answered the princess, and went on harder than ever.
But she was soon satisfied that what Curdie
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