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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Escape                           217
keeping my finger upon my grandmother's thread, as I am doing now."
44 You don't mean you've got the thread there?"
44 Of course I do. I have told you so ten times already. I have hardly—except when I was removing the stones—taken my finger off it. There!" she added, guiding Curdie's hand to the thread, "you feel it yourself—don't you?"
"I feel nothing at all," replied Curdie.
44 Then what can be the matter with your finger? / feel it perfectly. To be sure it is very thin, and in the sunlight looks just like the thread of a spider, though there are many of them twisted together to make it—but for all that I can't think why you shouldn't feel it as well as I do."
Curdie was too polite to say he did not be­lieve there was any thread there at all. What he did say was—
44 Well, I can make nothing of it."
441 can though, and you must be glad of tnat, for it will do for both of us."
44 We're not out yet," said Curdie.
44We soon shall be," returned Irene confidently.
And now the thread went downwards, and led
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