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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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220 The Princess and the Goblin
stream. She danced and clapped her hands with delight.
" Now, Curdie!" she cried, " won't you be­lieve what I told you about my grandmother and her thread?"
For she had felt all the time that Curdie was not believing what she told him.
4i There!—don't you see it shining on before us?" she added.
" I don't see anything," persisted Curdie.
"Then you must believe without seeing," said the princess; "for you can't deny it has brought us out of the mountain."
" I can't deny we are out of the mountain, and I should be very ungrateful indeed to deny that you had brought vie out of it."
"I couldn't have done it but for the thread," persisted Irene.
"That's the part I don't understand."
"Well, come along, and Lootie will get you something to eat. I am sure you must want it very much."
" Indeed I do. But my father and mother will be so anxious about me, I must make haste —first up the mountain to tell my mother, and
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