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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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CHAPTER XXII The Old Lady and Curdie
U P the stair then they went, and the next and the next, and through the long rows of empty rooms, and up the little tower stair, Irene growing happier and happier as she ascended. There was no answer when she knocked at length at the door of the workroom, nor could she hear any sound of the spinning-wheel, and once more her heart sank within her -—but only for one moment, as she turned and knocked at the other door.
"Come in," answered the sweet voice of her grandmother, and Irene opened the door and entered, followed by Curdie.
"You darling!" cried the lady, who was seated by a fire of red roses mingled with white—" I've been waiting for you, and indeed getting a little anxious about you, and beginning to think
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