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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Old Lady and Curdie 229
the fire. Putting in her hand, she drew it out again, and held up the shining ball between her finger and thumb.
" I've got it now, you see," she said, coming back to the princess, " all ready for you when you want it."
Going to her cabinet, she laid it in the same drawer as before.
"And here is your ring," she added, taking it from the little finger of her left hand, and putting it on the forefinger of Irene's right hand.
"Oh! thank you, grandmother. 1 feel so safe now!"
"You are very tired, my child," the lady went on. " Your hands are hurt with the stones, and I have counted nine bruises on you. Just look what you are like."
And she held up to her a little mirror which she had brought from the cabinet. The princess burst into a merry laugh at the sight. She was so draggled with the stream, and dirty with creep­ing through narrow places, that if she had seen the reflection without knowing it was a reflection, she would have taken herself for some gipsy child whose face was washed and hair combed about
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