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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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CHAPTER XXIII Curdie and his Mother
C URDIE went up the mountain neither whistling nor singing, for he was vexed with Irene for taking him in, as he called it; and he was vexed with himself for having spoken to her so angrily. His mother gave a cry of joy when she saw him, and at once set about getting him something to eat, asking him questions all the time, which he did not answer so cheerfully as usual. When his meal was ready, she left him to eat it, and hurried to the mine to let his father know he was safe. When she came back, she found him fast asleep upon her bed; nor did he wake until his father came home in the evening.
"Now, Curdie," his mother said, as they sat at supper, " tell us the whole story from begin­ning to end, just as it all happened."
Curdie obeyed, and told everything to the
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