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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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234 The Princess and the Goblin
point where they came out upon the lawn in the garden of the king's house.
" And what happened after that?" asked his mother. " You haven't told us all. You ought to be very happy at having got away from those demons, and instead of that, I never saw you so gloomy. There must be something more. Besides, you do not speak of that lovely child as I should like to hear you. She saved your life at the risk of her own, and yet somehow you don't seem to think much of it."
" She talked such nonsense!" answered Curdie, " and told me a pack of things that weren't a bit true; and I can't get over it."
"What were they?" asked his father. "Your mother may be able to throw some light upon them."
Then Curdie made a clean breast of it, and told them everything.
They all sat silent for some time, pondering the strange tale. At last Curdie's mother spoke.
"You confess, my boy," she said, "there is something about the whole affair you do not understand?"
"Yes, of course, mother," he answered. "I
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