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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Curdie and his Mother              235
cannot understand how a child knowing nothing about the mountain, or even that I was shut up in it, should come all that way alone, straight to where I was; and then, after getting me out of the hole, lead me out of the mountain too, where I should not have known a step of the way if it had been as light as in the open air."
4'Then you have no right to say that what she told you was not true. She did take you out, and she must have had something to guide her: why not a thread as well as a rope, or any­thing else? There is something you cannot ex­plain, and her explanation may be the right one."
" It's no explanation at all, mother; and I can't believe it."
" That may be only because you do not under­stand it. If you did, you would probably find it was an explanation, and believe it thoroughly. I don't blame you for not being able to believe it, but I do blame you for fancying such a child would try to deceive you. Why should she? Depend upon it, she told you all she knew. Until you had found a better way of account­ing for it all, you might at least have been more sparing of your judgment."
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