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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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240 The Princess and the Goblin
" How strange!" exclaimed Curdie.
"Yes, it was strange; but I can't help be­lieving it, whether you do or not," said his mother.
" It's exactly as your mother told it to me the very next morning," said his father.
" You don't think I'm doubting my own mother!" cried Curdie.
"There are other people in the world quite as well worth believing as your own mother," said his mother. "I don't know that she's so much the fitter to be believed that she happens to be your mother, Mr. Curdie. There are mothers far more likely to tell lies than the little girl I saw talking to the primroses a few weeks ago. If she were to lie I should begin to doubt my own word."
" But princesses have told lies as well as other people," said Curdie.
" Yes, but not princesses like that child. She's a good girl, I am certain, and that's more than being a princess. Depend upon it you will have to be sorry for behaving so to her, Curdie. You ought at least to have held your tongue."
" I am sorry now," answered Curdie.
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