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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Curdie and his Mother 241
" You ought to go and tell her so, then."
"I don't see how I could manage that. They wouldn't let a miner boy like me have a word with her alone; and I couldn't tell her before that nurse of hers. She'd be asking ever so many questions, and I don't know how many the little princess would like me to answer. She told me that Lootie didn't know anything about her coming to get me out of the mountain. I am certain she would have prevented her somehow if she had known of it. But I may have a chance before long, and meantime I must try to do some­thing for her. I think, father, I have got on the track at last."
" Have you, indeed, my boy?" said Peter. " I am sure you deserve some success; you have worked very hard for it. What have you found out?"
" It's difficult you know, father, inside the mountain, especially in the dark, and not know­ing what turns you have taken, to tell the lie of things outside."
" Impossible, my boy, without a chart, or at least a compass," returned his father.
"Well, I think I have nearly discovered in
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