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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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242 The Princess and the Goblin
what direction the cobs are mining. If I am right, I know something else that I can put to it, and then one and one will make three."
11 They very often do, Curdie, as we miners ought to be very well aware. Now tell us, my boy, what the two things are, and see whether we can guess at the same third as you.'"
" I don't see what that has to do with the prin­cess," interposed his mother.
"I will soon let you see that, mother. Per­haps you may think me foolish, but until I am sure there is nothing in my present fancy, I am more determined than ever to go on with my ob­servations. Just as we came to the channel by which we got out, I heard the miners at work somewhere near—I think down below us. Now since I began to watch them, they have mined a good half mile, in a straight line; and so far as I am aware, they are working in no other part of the mountain. But I never could tell in what direction they were going. When we came out in the king's garden, however, I thought at once whether it was possible they were working towards the king's house; and what I want to do to-night is to make sure
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