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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Irene Behaves like a Princess 249
"How could you get under the clothes like that, and make us all fancy you were lost! And keep it up all day too! You are the most ob­stinate child! It's anything but fun to us, I can tell you!"
It was the only way the nurse could account for her disappearance.
"I didn't do that, Lootie," said Irene, very quietly.
" Don't tell stories!" cried her nurse quite rudely.
111 shall tell you nothing at all," said Irene.
" That's just as bad," said the nurse.
"Just as bad to say nothing at all as to tell stories!" exclaimed the princess. "I will ask my papa about that. He won't say so. And I don't think he will like you to say so."
"Tell me directly what you mean by it!" screamed the nurse, half-wild with anger at the princess, and fright at the possible consequences to herself.
"When I tell you the truth, Lootie," said the princess, who somehow did not feel at all angry, "you say to me Dorit tell stories: it seems I must tell stories before you will believe me."
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