The Princess and the Goblin - online book

A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Curdie comes to Grief           259
" We are the king's own men-at-arms," said the captain courteously, for he was taken with Curdie's appearance and courage.
"Well, I will tell you all about it—if you will promise to listen to me and not do anything rash."
"I call that cool!" said one of the party laughing. " He will tell us what mischief he was about, if we promise to do as pleases him."
" I was about no mischief," said Curdie.
But ere he could say more he turned faint, and fell senseless on the grass. Then first they discovered that the bolt they had shot, taking him for one of the goblin creatures, had wounded him.
They carried him into the house, and laid him down in the hall. The report spread that they had caught a robber, and the servants crowded in to see the villain. Amongst the rest came the nurse. The moment she saw him she exclaimed with indignation:
" I declare it's the same young rascal of a miner that was rude to me and the princess on the mountain. He actually wanted to kiss the princess. / took good care of that—the wretchf
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