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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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282 The Princess and the Goblin
I felt for the thread, and there it was! I was more frightened still when it brought me out on the mountain, for I thought it was going to take me into it again, and I like the outside of it best. I supposed you were in trouble again, and I had to get you out. But it brought me here instead; and, oh Curdie! your mother has been so kind to me—just like my own grand­mother!"
Here Curdie's mother gave the princess a hug, and the princess turned and gave her a sweet smile, and held up her mouth to kiss her.
" Then you didn't see the cobs?" asked Curdie.
"No; I haven't been into the mountain, I told you, Curdie."
" But the cobs have been into your house—all over it—and into your bedroom, making such a row!"
uWhat did they want there? It was very rude of them."
u They wanted you—to carry you off into the mountain with them, for a wife to their Prince Harelip."
4'Oh, how dreadful!" cried the princess, shud­dering.
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