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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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284 The Princess and the Goblin
hold, except a great scar, his leg was perfectl) sound!
Curdie and his mother gazed in each other's eyes, full of wonder, but Irene called out—
"I thought so, Curdie! I was sure it wasn't a dream. I was sure my grandmother had been to see you.—Don't you smell the roses? It was my grandmother healed your leg, and sent you to help me."
" No, Princess Irene," said Curdie; "I wasn't good enough to be allowed to help you: I didn't believe you. Your grandmother took care of you without me."
" She sent you to help my people, anyhow. I wish my king-papa would come. I do want so to tell him how good you have been!"
"But," said the mother, "we are forgetting how frightened your people must be.—You must take the princess home at once, Curdie—or at least go and tell them where she is."
"Yes, mother. Only I'm dreadfully hungry. Do let me have some breakfast first. They ought to have listened to me, and then they wouldn't have been taken by surprise as they were."
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