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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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Masonwork                        287
at once, they managed, by setting all the rest to work in preparing the cement and passing the stones, to finish in the course of the day 3 huge buttress filling the whole gang, and sup­ported everywhere by the live rock. Before the hour when they usually dropped work, they were satisfied the mine was secure.
They had heard goblin hammers and pickaxes busy all the time, and at length fancied they heard sounds of water they had never heard be­fore. But that was otherwise accounted for when they left the mine; for they stepped out into a tremendous storm which was raging all over the mountain. The thunder was bellowing, and the lightning lancing out of a huge black cloud which lay above it, and hung down its edges of thick mist over its sides. The lightning was breaking out of the mountain, too, and flashing up into the cloud. From the state of the brooks, now swollen into raging torrents, it was evident that the storm had been storming all day.
The wind was blowing as if it would blow him off the mountain, but, anxious about his mother and the princess, Curdie darted up through the thick of the tempest. Even if they had not set out
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